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Dustbane catalog, and X-Coat NANO (21.03.2013)

We have just added a link to the 2013 Dustbane catalog available for viewing or downloading direct from the site. Take a look at all of the products, and equipment that Dustbane offers from the link below.


CreteDefender penetrates several centimeters deep into the concrete, so it never wears out and never needs re-applying. It works by reacting with elements in hardened concrete and remains effective even if the surface becomes mechanically damaged.


Also there is a great new product from Essential Industries. It is called X-Coat NANO. A new molecule bonding floor finish. More information is available from this website, or even better give one of our Salespeople a call, and they can provide more information, and pricing.

New videos (11.03.2013)

Added a new section in the Company area for videos. We are posting video links for information, and quick look at some of the product we provide. Please check out the videos if you are curious about some of the product. The first video is for CreteDefender. The second video is of one of the managers doing a comparison on a treated floor at the same time, and the wear and tear that has been shown. It is a big difference in the product, but we recommend having a look for yourself.

Live! (07.02.2012)

We have finally gone live with the new website. There are a few kinks to be worked out, and more testing, but this is an improvement from what we had. Take a look around, and browse to your hearts content. There are more products that we carry being added every day. If you know what you are looking for, but don't see it on the site, and know that we carry this particular product please feel free to drop us a line.

Great News! (07.11.2011)

After completing the Categories, and Sub-Categories, we are now adding our product line to the website. After creating the categories, and sub categories we have begun to populate the site with all the product we carry. It may be a little while before everything is on the site, but beginning with the most popular, and working backwards we are making it our top priority. Please feel free to take a look around, and make yourself at home.


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